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Meet the Faculty

Jenise Ingleston

Administrative Assistant - Program Director/Instructor

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Chris Gutierrez

School Director

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Anita Alcala, LVN

Nurse Aide Instructor

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Ashley Valdez

Office Administrator

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Mariah J Williams

Administrative Assistant- Instructor

My name is Mariah Jade Williams. I was born and raised in Southeast Texas where I attended Memorial High School- GO TITANS!  It was there that I began my studies into Business Administration. After graduating, I attended Lamar Institute of Technology as a Process Operations major.  Young and rebellious, I dropped out of college twice before giving up completely.  I began working as a waitress, sometimes working at two or three restaurants at a time.  It's safe to say that everything I'd learned in high school had flown out the window.  I had no plan in place and lived day by day off of tips.  In 2015, I moved to San Antonio, and in November 2015, I came across a facebook ad for Administrative Assistant Certifications.  I requested more information and received a call from Mr. Chris Gutierrez in only minutes! I began my classes in the late winter of 2016.  Meeting my then instructor and now employer, Mrs. Ingleston, ignited a fire in me that I'd lost.  Hearing her story gave me hope that one day, I too could be a young, successful business woman.  It was as if I'd finally found my destined path.  I graduated from MB Merit Institute the summer of 2016 as a Certified Administrative Assistant.  I'd gone through a couple of dead end jobs before Mrs. Ingleston reached out to me and offered  me a position to work at her institution.  I began as a receptionist and quickly learned the ins and outs of the business.  Soon, I was working on Job Placement alongside Ashley Valdez.  In 2017 I became an instructor for the Administrative course.  I am now a mother of three, pursuing my degree in Business Management, and living my dream of helping and educating others.  I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to give hope to individuals who have had similar trials and tribulations as I.  I have learned that if you truly want something, you cannot allow fear and doubt hinder your ability to be great!